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ed foster-simoneEd Foster-Simeon

President & CEO
U.S. Soccer Foundation

"The wonderful thing about being involved with soccer at this point in time is that the massive accomplishments of our sport during the last 20 years offer only a hint of what is yet to come."

Sunil Gulati

U.S. Soccer Federation

"The most visible and exciting part of our programs are the National Teams competing in international competition, but the fabric of the sport in this country is made up of youth players, coaches, referees, administrators and parents who share a love and passion for soccer"

Mia Hamm

Former Member
U.S. Women’s National Team

"I hope that the next 20 years brings continued growth and focus to the game and that it allows more young people to find empowerment and enjoyment through it."

Luol Deng

Cleveland Cavaliers

"It’s easy for every kid to relate to, no matter where you’re from, because soccer is so international"

Briana Scurry

Retired Goalkeeper
U.S. Women's National Team

"Leading a healthy lifestyle will allow you to make better, more positive choices and chase your dreams!"

Marla Messing

Executive Vice President, 1994 FIFA World Cup
President & CEO, 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup

"Today, there is a thriving men’s professional league, a bourgeoning women’s league, millions of children playing the game, and tremendous interest in international soccer. If the US hosted the World Cup today, tickets would be sold out in hours.I have friends who now travel around the world to see their favorite teams – Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester United.This wasn’t happening 20 years ago."

realiTony Reali

Host of ESPN's Around the Horn

"Now that I get to talk about sports every day for a living the lessons I learned on the field in my youth teach me all over again. Hard work, Teamwork, Focus, Dream, Believe, Achieve: we couldn't produce one show without them. Teamwork above all else"

ramponeChristie Rampone

Captain, U.S. Women’s National Team
Defender, Sky Blue FC

"The mentorship aspect is what’s huge for me; knowing that coaches aren’t just there to coach - they’re there to help kids grow and better themselves in life. Any organization that’s involved in that kind of work is something that I want to be a part of."

Landon Donovan

Los Angeles Galaxy
U.S. Men's National Team 

"My advice to young players is very simple: Have fun! If you enjoy playing, you will always want to practice more, play more, learn more."

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

Member of Congress
United States  

"Soccer is a simple sport - you just need a ball - so it's easy for any community to pick up and get started."

Staci Wilson
Former Member
U.S. Women's National Team
1996 Olympic Gold Medalist

 "...I understand that one should as competitive as possible, but I am  more focused on positive effort, putting the best foot forward, and  moving on with pride, whether the result was a win or a loss."

Marcin Gortat
Washington Wizards

“Sports put you in a situation where you can learn something, you can work on your body, you can work on your skills and you can develop mentally, physically, psychologically. You’re in a group. You learn how to cooperate with your teammates.”

Jozy Altidore
Sunderland A.F.C.
U.S. Men's National Team 

"Its the world's game. Everyone plays it in every city, town, village, borough and community globally. Soccer brings the world together."

lillyKristine Lilly
Former Member
U.S. Women's National Team 

"If kids realize at a young age why something isn't good for them, then they will be better off to make better decisions when they get older."

Grant Wahl
Sports Illustrated 

"...in 20 years the U.S. really can take the next step and become one of the big soccer countires in the world."

Cobi Jones
Sports Broadcaster
Los Angeles Galaxy Ambassador
Former Player, U.S. Men's National Team

 "I've always believed in the soccer-for-social change movement and the urban soccer movement...Soccer has a lot of power."

Shellie Pfohl
Executive Director 
President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nurtition

"Youth programs like Soccer for Success are the only way for some of
 America's most vulnerable youth to be active."

Rep. Dave Reichert
Member of Congress
United States

"The international feeling of the game really helps bring not only
 immediate communities together, but national and global communities as well."

Ethan Zohn

Grassroot Soccer, Inc.

"Soccer teaches young people the value of hard work, being a team player, communicating clearly, and being smart on the field and in life."

Alan Rothenberg
U.S. Soccer Federation

"Giving youngsters an opportunity to play not only exposes them to the 'beautiful game' but teaches them the value of teamwork and physical conditioning."